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Astrology is a human science

Discussion in 'On My Mind' started by Lisa, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Lisa

    Lisa Member

    Astrology is a human science

    The evolution of astrological practice over the last twenty years allows us to have an idea of its likely evolution in twenty years.

    Taking a new dimension in 75 years, thanks to the pioneering spirits (those American authors in particular), astrology surged forward; not only technically, but also at the level of interpretation. In fact, it is a new state of mind that is born then, and really took off in the 80s gone certainties, no more complicated techniques and "sheets kitchens" tradition. Astrology suddenly conjugates with psychology and philosophy. The chart not only described the character of the individual but also the potential for personal development. This term became increasingly subject to controversy since some cults use to attract their future prey, it is good to clarify that it contains:

    For personal development, I mean inner development, development of opportunities for the mind, the potential to be. As a human science, astrology we first understand what we are made. This is the "Know thyself", which we often forget to add: "and thou shall know the Universe and the Gods." What does the rest of this famous axiom?

    It is not just navel-gazing, but go further in Self-knowledge: starting from the navel, is also interested in the navels of those around us, and then return to our navel becoming aware of the umbilical cord that connects us to our mother (how many of us actually have to cut?), and going further, the umbilical cord that connects us to our Mother Earth. And then we can expand our understanding of the Universe becoming aware of another umbilical cord that connects us to heaven, the divine, the famous "silver cord" that allows connection to the soul, and there God.

    But if astrology has made great strides in becoming less and psychological divination, it will in the coming decades integrate more other human sciences, especially new therapies.

    Specialization, which is the analogy with Pisces-Virgo axis of the waning era. "Everything has its place (Virgo) if you cannot understand anything! (Fish)", does not have much future. The human being will soon be integrated another way to work on the mental level. So the future belongs to holistic therapists, those who multiply their bow strings to become more efficient, more comprehensive in their practice. If we had to give an axiom in the age of Aquarius and Aquarius-Leo axis that represents, here one of many: "Moving forward together so that everyone can realize."

    In this sense, astrology must follow the same path; otherwise it will be relegated to the bench divinatory sciences new; which would be a return to the age of Colbert, to "the case of poisons" that cost so much in astrology when it was banned in schools of the University in 1666.

    If you wish to avoid this, astrology and those who practice it must be open to share their knowledge with all who seek to improve the lot of their fellows, and thus learn by experience and practice.

    The practice of astrology

    Practice: a word which comes into its own when we look at something only to astrology books. Because, if the books allow us to gather information and develop the spirit of synthesis, then they rarely give us the opportunity to apply what we discover, much less to find a solution. So is there a solution?

    This begins to change from a decade: more astrologers and astrology enthusiasts interested in other human sciences are turning to personal development, new therapies or spiritual path. And they discover the relationships between the planets and the psychological complex, planets and colors, planets and chakras, planets and gemstones, planets and acupuncture meridians etc.

    We begin to see things differently, to make the connection between all these disciplines to grasp the essentials in each practice, and eventually find solutions; for ourselves first, and then for people who come to us.

    Consider an example:

    Moon-Pluto conjunction, whatever the sign of the native and the house in which it is located.

    Here are several possible levels of interpretation:

    * The psychic-astrologer-numerologist tarologist corner: "You have fears, anxieties, obsessions, you are afraid to die. Deal with it for life! "

    * The beginner astrologer who believes under control: "You have a very difficult relationship with your mother. Or she seeks to have power over you, or it will stop anxiety without its problems, right? "
    - But it's true! It is because my mother that, I have all these problems? ".

    * Astrologer psychologist: "You probably shared the anguish of your mother as a child, and that you scored. You should talk with her; it would be beneficial, both for her and for you. "

    * Astrologer who is open to other disciplines: "You’re fears, your anxieties and obsessions probably come a period of childhood where you felt and shared one’s of your mother. Pluto is in analogy with the first chakra (security, anchor) and Moon with the second chakra (emotions, sexuality), you feel the need to secure you, hiding you in your fantasies, but at the same time you feel guilty. This is probably why you often bellyache: symbolically, you are struggling to expel your fears, your "inner demons."

    And as long as this astrologer has a therapeutic orientation, it can propose concrete solutions: working on rooting using physical exercises, self-confidence (reality does not scare me, I no longer shame, I trust), the emotions (internships on mime, voice work) or on the inner child (regression, forgiveness, detachment).

    Of course, this practice requires a greater commitment than just listening to each other, but the results obtained are a measure of effort.
  2. mitashi

    mitashi Member

    astrology is a science no doubt. but the fact is it is ruin by some fake people.
    as you mentioned in your thread a lot of practice is required in this field to get right calculations. but few peole learn little and start to read astrology for people for sake of money.
    as expected, victims of these little knowledge persons disadvertise about astrology.

    when it became an entrepreneur it ruined by some business mind people.
  3. galaxyman

    galaxyman Member

    placing so e gems and stone here and there is not a science my friend.
  4. shahidulislam

    shahidulislam Member

    In my country, Bangladesh, there are a lot of fake people who claims themselves astrologer. Really embarrassing ....
  5. DaCollector

    DaCollector Active Member

    I hate to say this, but, when I run into another adult who acts like that stuff is real and should be considered I get embarrassed for them.

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