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Best SEO practices

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Dr4gonCl5ws, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. Dr4gonCl5ws

    Dr4gonCl5ws Well-Known Member

    What are some of the best SEO practices you guys use?
  2. christian

    christian Well-Known Member

    Social media will become more important for search visibility.
    Mobile Focused SEO will take over. However, content will still be the king and how well you promote it.
  3. Dr4gonCl5ws

    Dr4gonCl5ws Well-Known Member

    Yeah, social media sites seem to be pretty important. Thanks for the input
  4. In my point of view content based optimization are potential, what do you think ????
  5. Alchemist

    Alchemist Member

    I think social media plays a huge impact on the way people come to see your content, but retaining those viewers is equally important.

    For this reason, i'd say the best practice is to learn and practice your writing skills. Content is definitely king, and good quality content will attract readers naturally.
  6. Zaiva

    Zaiva Member

    The best way to promote your content is through social media, and using good plugins, like Yoast SEO and Jetpack. These are two common plugins used by millions of people and they are definitely worth having. Learning more SEO in depth is fairly easy, there are loads of videos on Youtube on the subject and it's easy to pickup it's just time consuming, but it's worth the time invested in the long run.

    Agreeing with Alchemist, the best way to keep your site active is through content, once you have the views, you need to retain them.

  7. Ok, Got It...........
  8. Chrisk

    Chrisk Well-Known Member

    I know this may sound cliche and many people will say this over and over, it's because original content is king. The best SEO you can do for your website is have rich quality original content on your blog/website. Over many years as a webmaster I failed many times and realized, I was trying to build backlinks and not producing the best content I could come up with and the answer all along was quality content. Building backlinks is something that can be done later on down the line and not as important as the content that you have present on your site.
  9. Sean

    Sean Member

    @Chrisk , You are totally right. Quality content can have the best traffic that any others things can do. But including this, some SEO packages/modules also help. As in wordpress there is a SEO tool which helps there blog to be in top ( or 2nd maybe ). In this way, you may get more people and more visitors.
  10. Silent

    Silent Member

  11. Ok, and What do you think about backlinks, Still working or not ?
  12. wins sol

    wins sol Member

    nice views!
  13. wins sol

    wins sol Member

  14. Ok, Got It, Thanks.

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