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Candy Crush Sequel Now Available On Android And IOS

Discussion in 'Other' started by DOA, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. DOA

    DOA Digitalopinion Admin Staff Member

    Candy Crush Sequel Now Available On Android And IOS

    “Candy crush soda saga” this is the game which is worldwide game and everyone 8 out of 10 like this game either they are children or youngsters. So the owner of this game “king digital entertainment” announced yesterday the new upgrading versions for android and iOS smartphones. In this, they will add swapping candies and match the same candies, but now with the inclusion of “soda” bottles and add some new features and few new levels in comparison with the previous version. This game is played by 93 millions of people daily and assures $800.000.

    This game is so simple to play as a player has to match just candies of the same color, and you enter into the next level. This accomplishment is experienced as a mini reward in your brain and give a feeling of satisfaction and increase the release of dopamine that cementing peoples’ behavior and train them to continue to perform. After the success of last one, it repeats the success of Candy Crush soda Saga- a game so popular and producing many profits.
  2. Livid

    Livid Pro

    Candy Crush was my game but I sorta slowed down on it, games like Temple Run, Flappy Bird, and Timberman are three pretty addicting mobile games I still play.
  3. Shock

    Shock Pro

    Candy Crush is sort of lame to me. Never really into those types of games.
  4. Smith

    Smith Member

    I'm at level 911 right now... just sayin'.. I know it's lame, I actually hate it! But I can't stop playing, I have it on my phone and I only play it on my phone, when I'm waiting in line somewhere or when, uhm.. let's just say after I have my morning coffee :D So, yeah, I must be lame as well, like the other 92.999.999 players :D LOL!!
  5. neteater

    neteater Member

    playing candy crush is sort of headache for me, and sound is really desperate that plays in background, i deleted game after playing 300 level.

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