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Change in SEO

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Jessica Johansson, May 2, 2017.

  1. What are you feeling the changing in seo now a days, please share your view ?
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  2. Chrisk

    Chrisk Well-Known Member

    I think the changes in SEO are great. They are making it harder for the 'cheaters' to not be able to cheat their way to the top. They now recognize keyword stuffing and now backlinks have to be of good quality instead of quantity. This will be great for people who are truly producing great quality content to be seen on the first page of search engines. Which will help rid some of the ad infested spammy websites that cheated their way up the ladder. I think in the coming years it will get better and better for SEO and harder for the ones that are just trying to get a dollar.
  3. Thanks, Great Explanation. Now a days How to Get Good Quality Backlinks ?? Share your view ?
  4. doane

    doane Ace

    Backlinks: Quality or Quantity
    All people wants backlinks - and lots of them.
    This is because they are more connected with other sites makes it quicker for crawlers to find you, but is this always a good thing? I should say, Not necessarily.!!
  5. Ok, Then what will do ?
  6. wins sol

    wins sol Member

    thanks for shearing
  7. Ok, Got It, Thanks for replying..

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