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cheap phone those look like iphone

Discussion in 'Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones' started by neteater, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. neteater

    neteater Member

    here are mobile phone, which looks like iphone, these are available in market.

    The Dakele 3 looks more like the iPhone 6 than any other Chinese "clone" out there, and it has high-end components like those you'd find in the iPhone and other premium Android smartphones. it only costs $240
  2. sharky12

    sharky12 Member

    why would you want to have a "fake" iphone? it will only make you better target for thieves because they don't know the difference but think you have $800 phone in your hands. doesn't sound like a good plan for me... maybe some people think less about those who don't have iphone but i'm happy with my cheapo android phone that can send sms and make calls and browse internet. i don't know why i'd want ot have a fake phone at all!
  3. costin84

    costin84 Member

    I had a replica of iPhone when I was a student and couldn`t afford a real one
    I throw it to garbage after one month, it was full of bugs and limited to an unsatisfactory storage, I could add about 100 songs on it, when my favorite music exceeds thousands of songs
  4. I don't think that I would ever want to buy a knock off brand of an iPhone. It's great that it costs you less but in the long run, is it worth it? Half the time like I've seen mentioned they are filled with bugs. That's the last thing that I would want to worry about when I get a phone. I mean as long as you get the two-year contract then you should be able to get an iPhone that is less expensive than that. Even if you can't get a contract with your phone then it's worth it to pay more so that you can get a good phone that works. The last thing that I would want to do is get a phone that I won't even use because it doesn't work properly.
  5. Zaiva

    Zaiva Member

    There are so many cheap versions of the iPhone and other phones out there, especially on places like Amazon and eBay, but I can tell you for sure, they are not worth the time. There are a few good models, but I wouldn't trust something which is not widely tested and I actually know someone who bought a cheap phones for £50, which was a Chinese knock off, and it didn't last very long. Initially he was pleased, it functioned just the way he needed it to, but the build quality is shocking, it will shatter if you drop it, and the features are usually very basic and poor quality.

    I guess all phones can be good though, it depends what you want to use it for.

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