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E-Commerce A Good Investment To Start or Bad?

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by Gurpreet Saluja, May 26, 2015.

  1. Gurpreet Saluja

    Gurpreet Saluja Active Member


    I would like to share few of my experiences and the calculations I have done related to e-commerce so far,

    Having an E-commerce website these days is not a big deal, one can easily build one as there are many open source software available that let you do nothing hard work, all you have to do is just upload them to the servers.

    But, the main thing comes up is - Investment Part

    There are two ways to maintain an e-commerce website...

    1. To get the inventory stocks yourself - and sell them on your e-commerce website.
    2. To approach different sellers and convince them to sell their products on your e-commerce website for just a nominal fee.

    But let me it more clearer before we shall proceed, that you need huge investments weather to be (1) type or (2) type.

    Just having a e-commerce website is not the only thing you need to do.

    The main part is customer base..you need to get 1000's of customers for your website even before you could sell anything yourself or you would recruit sellers on your website--customers is all you need at first.

    Main Investments you need on.

    Advertising - You need a lot of investment for this purpose to make huge customer base at first, due to the emerging millions of e-commerce website you can't get customers without advertising or proper SEO.

    So, after this I leave it on you that weather E-Commerce Investment a Good or Bad?

    Please share your views...


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