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Eating healthy

Discussion in 'On My Mind' started by Jeanie Sarrato, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. Jeanie Sarrato

    Jeanie Sarrato Active Member

    I have been eating superfoods for the last few years, like in smoothies. I feel much better, but it might be also because when you fill up on healthy stuff you don't eat as much breads, sugars, etc. so I might feel better because of how I am eating so much less "bad" food. Do you eat healthy? Take care of yourself, eating healthy is a big factor in how your life will be later on!
  2. somebody1982

    somebody1982 Active Member

    I eat healthy, honestly it is not that hard. People think eating healthy is difficult or the food is nasty but it is still filling and tasty. For the most part, I try to avoid a lot of fast food, candy and soda. I eat mostly all natural foods. I have been eating like this for about 10 years so It has been easy to stay in shape as I have gotten older.

    Even though I eat healthy, no one around me has really followed my lead. Most of my friends and family are still going to fast food restaurants and gas stations for their meals.
  3. Jeanie Sarrato

    Jeanie Sarrato Active Member

    I have a similar situation and agree with your points. I had a head start in the sense that I always naturally preferred real home cooked food and was generally turned off by the cheap nature and taste of a lot of the fast food out there .. so when the time came that I wanted to get serious about nutrition, it wasn't so hard to drop fast food all together.

    My path really boomed when I became friends with someone in my neighborhood who was really into smoothies and superfoods. I have one almost every day.
  4. DaCollector

    DaCollector Active Member

    I just got my health food order from Nuts.com! They deliver so fast and their quality is great. Give them a try if you are in the market for all that kind of raw organic superfood stuff, like chia, stevia, flax, cacao, etc. Once in a while they throw in a treat sampler too.

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