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Favorite Facebook game?

Discussion in 'Other' started by Gibson, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. Gibson

    Gibson Member

    I was all into Farmville 2 for awhile but then stopped playing recently. I don't like most things to do with Facebook but the games are really good. What is your favorite Facebook game?
  2. Beverly

    Beverly Member

    I got into Farmville 2 for awhile but then the lag killed my game. Now, I just play when I am able. But mostly I just load the game, check friend requests, send gifts and log out again. That's about all I have time for anymore. Other than FV2, I liked playing Ninja Kingdom. One of my favorite Facebook games ever. :)
  3. Shock

    Shock Pro

    Don't play too much on Facebook, but I used to like some of the games (like cube runner) where you just try and get a high score.
  4. me_Ellen

    me_Ellen Member

    I used to LOVE farmville, I've been playing it since 2007 or 2008 (I don't remember, I know it was years ago though) and then they started to add all sorts of annoying quests and you needed like a ton of friends to 'succeed' and I just had to say stop..... Now I play some Candy Crush, from time to time, and that's about it.
  5. Livid

    Livid Pro

    OGREED, Farmville was pretty fun as well as some other minigames that my friends invited me too.
  6. Lillyan

    Lillyan Member

    I don't play on facebook anymore.
    I used to play words with friends, but one by one, my friends stopped playing! I found myself all alone... no one to play with, so I gave that up too.
  7. mirso

    mirso Member

    I think the best game on the Facebook is Farmville 2.
  8. Valos

    Valos Well-Known Member

    I used to play games like Farmville and Airport City (I think that was the name, there's dozens of the clones but it was an airport building game anyhow) but all those have the mandatory social aspect which, unless paid with real cash, will stump your progress before long. That's why I dropped the games as I don't feel like paying for them, seeing how they already got money from the ad revenue that I brought them by playing the games in the first place. A bit too greedy for my likes.
  9. JamesP

    JamesP Member

    I used to play Farmville when it was popular back in 2010. For now i do not play any facebook games.
  10. GeorgeD

    GeorgeD Member

    I usually play Texas Hold em Poker on facebook when i got bored. It's good time -passing game for me. Also i can play it on my phone there is app for that.
  11. N.S

    N.S Member

    My favorite game on the Facebook is Farmville 2 and also car racing.
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  12. doane

    doane Ace

    Hi, which car racing ?
  13. darran22

    darran22 Well-Known Member

    i think TempleRun
  14. Joker

    Joker Well-Known Member

    Criminal Case
  15. Jellynelly

    Jellynelly Member

    I use to play facebook games but I can't right now. Not ever again. I use to play Farmville a lot, but whn I started to spend real money on it I realized that if I kept doing that I'd become addicted. So now my facebook games are all turned off, and I barely even check it anymore.

    Still, if someone ever made a Farmville knockoff that IS free and will never cost money at all, I'd so be back to playing it. Just don't want to spend any money on a free game.
  16. I am not playing any game on facebook.

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