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FIFA 14 On PS4

Discussion in 'PS4' started by DOA, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. DOA

    DOA Digitalopinion Admin Staff Member

    fifa14-ps4-xboxone-02.jpg FIFA 14 On PS4

    PlayStation is one of the prominent gaming consoles. It has managed to give a fabulous gaming experience to its users for many years. Each PlayStation version has better features than its predecessor and has managed to capture the attention of the game enthusiasts. There have been many well known games available to play on this console. FIFA is one such very popular game which is available on PlayStation and many other gaming platforms. This game is a favorite among gamers due to its high quality graphics and controls which resemble to the actual sporting matches. FIFA 2014 is the latest version of this game. It is gaining lots of interest from the gaming community. FIFA 2014 is well designed and has lots to offer. With a loyal fan base on PlayStation and other platforms, this game will take the football craze forward with its amazing graphics which deliver realistic and human-like player movements. The control and features of the players playing the game are much more advanced than the previous versions.

    The players look and act just like their real counterparts. Along with this, they have more decision making skills like kick selection, passing the ball and much more. The major upgrade of player movements and better visual makes the entire experience of playing a lot more exciting. The audience and the stadium look livelier with apt reactions from the spectators watching the game. This enhances the experience of playing this game and makes it more exuberant. The enthusiasm of the crowd in cheering and supporting the teams adds to the fun of FIFA 2014. Along with the 3D crowd, the overall picture of the game has also undergone major improvement. The animation is advanced and the game is more stable. Very often it is seen that high quality animation leads to inconsistency and lags in the game. This problem is taken care off in FIFA 2014. Gamers can enjoy the high quality visuals without any interruption. Fifa game is known for the resemblance to the actual Fifa matches.
    Keeping with this tradition, the 2014 FIFA game gets closer to the actual sport with its agile and humanly players. All the famous top players are available for the gamers in their teams. The hi-tech controls and features for these players make the game more intense. Player mannerisms, crowd responses and many other minute nuances of the game are perfectly captured in FIFA 2014. FIFA game, which is developed by EA Sports and is one of the best sports simulation games, is available on many platforms. PlayStation offers very effective tools to play video games. The new PlayStation4 is well equipped with new features for better gaming experience for the users. Overall, FIFA 14 on PlayStation 4 is a very enjoyable and fun experience for all the football game crazy fans. E A Sports have definitely done a great job in giving new and exciting feel to the game. It is highly recommended to own this game as it is one of its kind.
  2. Shock

    Shock Pro

    Never really tried FIFA. Is it really that good? (I'm not a big soccer fan)
  3. Livid

    Livid Pro

    The graphics are crazy on the PS4, I tried it out on a demo before and it's pretty fun, but I'll stick to Madden and NBA 2k.
  4. GeorgeD

    GeorgeD Member

    I tried it on my friends PS4. The graphic are really stunning. And if you have a big screen that's it. You have football pitch in your home :p

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