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For Good Health

Discussion in 'On My Mind' started by gracebakya, May 6, 2016.

  1. gracebakya

    gracebakya New Member

    Flat Belly Overnight Review Over the years since we grew from wet behind the ears youngsters who played in water, we have come to understand that drinking it is better for us. In fact not only better, but also imperative to stay healthy. Many people these days skip over that important notion and skimp on their water or do not drink the right kind of water.


    Interesting notion that - the right kind of water! It is a fact that most water these days, unless it is distilled, contains things you would rather not be ingesting on a daily basis. Those things range from heavy minerals to water borne diseases. While you may think your filtration system gets the "bugs" out, it really only hides the flavor and masks and actually promotes potential harmful bacteria.

    What you do to get your daily eight is up to you, however be aware that your body is roughly 60 to 70 percent water and it needs water to regulate your temperature and carry nutrients to your organs. Its presence is vital to take oxygen to your cells, carry waste away and protects your joints and organs.

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