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Google Earth Pro Is Free

Discussion in 'General Software' started by thavented, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. thavented

    thavented Active Member

    Google is now giving away Google Earth Pro. Normally the pro version would set you back $399, but use the code GEPFREE and it's yours free. The pro version gives you: advanced measurements, high-resolution printing, pro data layers, spreadsheet import, and movie maker.

    Google Earth Pro
  2. Shock

    Shock Pro

    Awesome thanks for sharing. I'll definitely be getting the Pro version.
  3. itzy

    itzy Member

    I never actually used Google Earth, I use google maps all the time though. I've never actually found Google Earth to be useful, since you can browse the maps and switch it to "earth view". Do you guys use Google Earth for any specific reason? What am I missing here?
  4. Shock

    Shock Pro

    I used to use Earth but I started using maps like you. I know Earth has a lot of extra features that could come in handy though. Plus its fun spinning the Earth around.
  5. wadebyte

    wadebyte Active Member

    Yes, when I heard this went free I downloaded it. It's pretty much the same as the old free version with all the extras turned on. One more reason for a person to fall in love with Google and become one of the many minions.

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