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Help Explaining MKV file formats

Discussion in 'General Software' started by doane, Apr 20, 2016.

  1. doane

    doane Ace

    Explaining MKV file formats

    MKV is one of the video file formats that is becoming very popular due to its reliability in providing quality videos. My best guess is that most people come across MKV inscriptions without the slightest idea of what they stand for.

    MKV is an extension of to what is referred as the Matroska Multimedia Container. "Matroska" is Russian word derived from the name Matryoshka which means nesting doll .The nesting doll is the ordinary Russian cylindrical-shaped doll inside another doll which is also known a babushka doll). The matryoshka as is generally a container for visual and audio data.

    Matroska is a standardized open and free container format or simply a file format that has an amazing ability of holding limitless number of ,video, subtitle tracks , audio or picture in a single file. The mkv format was made with the sole purpose of serving as a universal file format for storing general multimedia contents, like TV shows or movies.

    Like MP4, AVI or ASF(Advanced Systems Format), the Matroska is comparable in model to other containers despite that it is completely open in model, with mostly open source software implementations. Matroska file extensions consist of: MK3D mostly for stereoscopic video,MKV for video (with audio and subtitles) , MKA for audio-only files, and MKS specifically for subtitles only.

    Despite MKV being very common, most people experience problems when they try playing it on their video players because the video file format is not compatible with their players. To eliminate this problem, it is advisable if you have any high definition MKV files you may have, to convert MKV to DVD. You will notice that most downloaded videos or streaming movies come with mkv extensions. To play these videos on regular dvd mac players or better preserve them, you will have to convert mkv to dvd mac. To covert mkv to dvd mac video compatible files, you require a reliable DVD Creator like Wondershare DVD Creator which will do the job effectively and efficiently.

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