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How Can Antivirus Help?

Discussion in 'General Software' started by DOA, Mar 14, 2015.

  1. DOA

    DOA Digitalopinion Admin Staff Member

    How Can Antivirus Help?

    Once you install an antivirus program within your PC you will want for this one to offer you the peace of mind that your files are all protected against any virus attack. Well, it is true that this type of program can help into keeping your computer safe but there are all sorts of other things that can attack your PC and for these ones your antivirus software is not prepared to counter-attack. Let's be more specific on this one.

    * Your antivirus program can indeed scan the emails you receive to check for virus presence such as Trojan menace is.

    * The software can monitor the files you open, access, and create to ensure that they are free of viral infection.

    * It is designed to periodically do the scanning of the files that you have on your PC.


    * It has no power into checking the programs that you decide to install, programs that can be infected with malicious or spyware attack.

    * It can not keep spams away from your computer.

    * It can not protect your computer from any online activity that is operated as fraud.

    * It can not keep away the hackers from breaking into your PC.

    From all data described above you should understand that even with an antivirus program installed in your PC there is not an 100% protection against all kinds of other menaces. At this point, companies designing antivirus software have come up with a version of security suit that does more than an ordinary antivirus program.

    As such you will get:

    * A spam filter to increase the protection against emails that come as spams.

    * Parental control along with privacy protection helping you to be protected against any online activity operating as fraud.

    * A firewall designed to block the hackers or keep away any activity that may seem suspicious when it tries to access the PC.
  2. Shock

    Shock Pro

    Good points. Antivirus software is a must have for your new computer. There's tons of people that get their PCs screwed up because they didn't get a legit antivirus/antimalware software installed soon enough.
  3. Lillyan

    Lillyan Member

    I use a free antivirus and it doesn't have a firewall (because it's free). So, as a consequence, I pay extra attention whenever I browse the internet.
    For instance, I browse Facebook a lot, but I NEVER click on random websites my FB. friends share. I know it's very possible that they are not trustworthy so I stick to clicking on websites I know are ok: youtube links, 9gag, bored panda ecc.
  4. Gurpreet Saluja

    Gurpreet Saluja Active Member

    they scans your computer and matches them with the malware files have in their database...if the files matches they detect them as a virus..

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