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How much will I earn?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Shamim7401, May 25, 2015.

  1. Hi friend,
    I am new at this field.I want to know how this working.Please anyone give me nuce suggestion.
  2. Gurpreet Saluja

    Gurpreet Saluja Active Member

    it depends on the hardwork you do..
  3. It all depends on what you're selling and how much you are able to sell. There are some people who only rely on people coming to their blog and they aren't able to make much money from that. Also, if you aren't selling something that is more on the expensive side, then you also won't be able to make much money. If you try and promote your blog and that you are selling stuff on it, then I'm sure you will be able to make some money from it. If you sell something that is $20, you will also be able to make good money that way. Not great, but you should be able to make some good money.
  4. Dr4gonCl5ws

    Dr4gonCl5ws Well-Known Member

    Making money on the web is a lot of high risk high reward (assuming you really want to make it big, of course). The best thing you can do is keep reading and learning. Take when you then learn and implement it in different ways until you find what works well for you.

    Good luck :)

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