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How often do you replace your smartphone?

Discussion in 'Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones' started by Valos, May 7, 2015.

  1. Valos

    Valos Well-Known Member

    Do you always need to be riding the neset wave of technology or does three year old phone still do it's job? IF you have no chance of having a new phone every few months, would you if you had unlimited money for such purchases?

    Personally I still have my old Lumia and I am pretty happy with it as it does all that I need, but I've been slowly starting to look into replacing it with something a bit more current. However I don't want ot spend more than $200 into a phone so I guess my options are limited to mid-end Android phones. Not to say that they're bad, just saying that it's what I'm looking for.
  2. MarcusR

    MarcusR Member

    Coincidence, i also have my old lumia 520. I also don't wanna spend that much money on phone as it does what i need.
  3. costin84

    costin84 Member

    Usually, each year I replace it, for curiosity to see what`s new on the market
    The old phone goes to my family or friends, who can`t afford a new phone
  4. I usually try to wait the two years that I have my contract, but that doesn't always happen. A lot of the time I break my phone, so I am forced to get a new one. I don't always get the best phone that is out that moment though. When I broke my iPhone 4, I didn't upgrade to the best phone that they had, I got the iPhone 5c and at the time it wasn't the best phone. Sure, I would have loved to have the iPhone 5s, but I don't want to spend the money, just like you don't. It's just a waste of money to spend hundreds of dollars on a phone.
  5. Zaiva

    Zaiva Member

    For me, I have a rolling contract which lasts for 2 years, but my mobile phone provider usually gives me the opportunity to upgrade 6 months before it's up, which is handy. I like to think I'm quite up to date with the lastest tech and phones, but I'm not really bothered about getting the brand new model.

    I'm not someone who can que up for hours on the day of the release of the new iPhone. I can wait it out until it drops in price and then pick one up. For what I use my phone for, I don't need the latest model.
  6. Chrisk

    Chrisk Well-Known Member

    Oddly enough, I don't replace my phone very often at all. Usually I get lucky enough to where my girlfriend gets bored of her's and she orders a new phone and I end up getting her old one (which, is usually perfectly fine). So I guess I just get my girlfriends leftovers lol. But, I'm perfectly fine with this!
  7. Sean

    Sean Member

    i don't prefer to replace my smartphone very oftne but unless my phone gets completely wrecked. I do change it when it us out of date completely. Otherwise, I make most of it.
  8. Asadullah

    Asadullah Member

    Perhaps once a year. Or maybe 1 n half year. I do mostly change my phone when i come to know there has been launched a new smartphone in the market. I wait for 4-5 months so that its price goes down a little bit and i buy it.
  9. Silent

    Silent Member

    my mobile replacement is not usual but very rare. I don't change my smartphone or mobile untill and unless it has been completely wrecked. In a condition that you'd want to through it in the dustbin lol. I run my cellphone very very long. such as 2 or 3 years or more! till now i have just changed 5 to 6 smartphones.

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