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How to Micro Brew Beer?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Kamrul, May 25, 2015.

  1. Kamrul

    Kamrul Member

    Brewing beer is a terrific hobby, because it requires both nuance and skill, but also because the end result can be a truly terrific product. Many people brew their own beer in their homes, but some people enjoy it so much that they decide to micro brew in larger quantities and sell it.
  2. Checky775

    Checky775 Member

    I used to produce a fair amount of homebrew beer, well mostly lager. We didn't go the full hog though and do All Grain brewing, we cheated and used cans with everything in, they just needed the yeast and sugar adding to it.

    We could make 40 pints of quite tasty lager for around £15 which is dirt cheap in truth!

    We also did Cider, Red Wine and various Spirits, at one point we had around 200 pints of alcohol stocked up in the shed!

    Something I really need to get back into, although I would love to get into All Grain brewing

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