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Is ecommerce profitable?

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by Shamim7401, May 25, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone,
    can anyone tell how to do this?
  2. Gurpreet Saluja

    Gurpreet Saluja Active Member

    yes, it is but all it depends on the investments you have done..thanks
  3. dominion

    dominion Active Member

    It all depends on the products you are selling and also the amount of traffic that your site will be receiving.
    There is good money to be made from e-commerce if you know how to do it properly
  4. TehGeekGrl

    TehGeekGrl Well-Known Member

    You have to firstly have a good product that people want, with good profit margins. There are a lot of overheads when selling on your own platform.

    It can be done, but it will not make money overnight, will need a lot of work, and will have to be your sole focus really - not something you can do half-hearted and expect to make money.
  5. miractg

    miractg Member

    Now a days e-commerce business is very famous by all.But you have to know how can use a websites for establish business.
    Usually you need to create the wireframes for the pages layout. You can use some software such as
    Photoshop or other to design the pages before coding on HTML or other.
    You can also use UML to describe the customer and your system and how s/he will access your web site and buy items and do other stuff based on your web site.
    Thank you can advirtise about your business many ways like internet,local morket,billing liflet etc.
  6. Dr4gonCl5ws

    Dr4gonCl5ws Well-Known Member

    Yes! People have literally made millions of dollars through their e-commerce websites. All it takes is hard work and dedication.
  7. christian

    christian Well-Known Member

    E-commerce stores can be an excellent business to go into, if you do it the right way, and take the time to learn how to do it properly. If you’re looking for a get rich quick scheme however, you should head elsewhere. While social sharing and such can certainly be beneficial, there’s a good chance that your SEO strategies are going to make up the bulk of your traffic (and income). If you’re serious about e-commerce put a high quality SEO program in place.

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