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Is lenevo is the most cheapest smartphone?

Discussion in 'Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones' started by Shere Ali, May 25, 2015.

  1. Shere Ali

    Shere Ali Member

    My friend are using lenevo smartphones. He told me that it is very easy and comfortable to use. And he also told me it is very low price mobile phone. You can buy it with very cost effective. Do you have any idea about lenevor. My friends talks really true??
  2. Well, I did a search on Lenevo and it looks like they are just laptops that they sell. I have heard of this name-brand before, and it is a good one but never heard of them selling cell phones. I don't know if it's just because you're from another country, but I've never heard of that phone before in America. I'm sure that there are some good cheap phones out there though. You just have to know what you want in a phone and where to get them. If you Google search cheap smartphones then I'm sure that you will be able to find some good ones. I did that for mom when she was thinking about buying a new phone and we found some good ones. You just have to be careful about some of the sites that you go on because some just scam you.
  3. dominion

    dominion Active Member

    Lenevo and Huawei are two Chinese brands that sell some of the cheapest smartphones out there. Personally I have never used them but there are plenty of reviews online that can provide you with more complete information on this
  4. Saurabh

    Saurabh Member

    Lenevo sells Smartphone but A6000 model is good but their is heating problem in Lenevo.
  5. EvilSpirit

    EvilSpirit Active Member

    lmao. you could buy chinese smartphone if u need cheaper one along with a good sound quality :p
  6. Joker

    Joker Well-Known Member

    yeah xd

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