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Nine Benefits of Jailbreaking Your iPhone 6

Discussion in 'Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones' started by DOA, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. DOA

    DOA Digitalopinion Admin Staff Member


    Nine Benefits of Jailbreaking Your iPhone 6

    The Apple iPhone 6 is among the finest mobile devices on the market, but there are some complaints about its operating system. The iOS is severely locked down compared to Android. Customization capabilities are mostly non-existent and Apple actually restricts some apps from its App Store due to its strict guidelines. This should be a good enough reason why we need to jailbreak our iPhone 6. Many users are seeking to break free from Apple’s walled garden and have the ability to customize their devices to their heart’s content. This would give them the ability to install apps and content that Apple won’t normally allow. There are actually some good reasons why we need to jailbreak the iPhone 6. Of course, it could be rather risky and there’s a possibility that our iPhone won’t be as stable.
    1. More useful lock screen: By default, the lock screen of iOS isn’t all that exciting. It shows us all the notifications, time and other basic information, but that’s all about it. Jailbroken iPhone 6 allows us to perform a handful of tweaks and we could make extremely useful display. Adding all sorts of new features is only a few clicks away. There are many unapproved apps that can make the iPhone 6 more useful, for example, it comes with multiple lockscreens with different information and details on each. There are toggles for volume, LTE, Bluetooth, WiFi and other settings.
    2. Install banned apps: Apple is clearly notorious for banning all kinds of Apps from its store. Although this may improve safety and prevent any malware from infecting users, it clearly stops us from installing specific apps that don’t do us any harm. Jailbreaking can help us to install these banned apps and we could usually find them in Cydia. It is the App Store for jailbroken iPhone 6 and we could download any app without any intervention from Apple. For example, we could install backup apps, game emulators and other apps without problem.
    3. Set default apps: Android is known for its ability to set our own default apps. As an example, if we don’t like Gmail, Chrome or Gallery, it is possible to set default apps for specific tasks. The iPhone 6 doesn’t allow us to do this and by jailbreaking our iPhone, we could bring such functionality to users. There are multiple tweaks that we can install and it should be easy to revert back to Apple’s own solutions. Instead of Apple Maps, we can use Google Maps; or instead of Safari, we could use Google Chrome.
    4. Customized control center: iPhone 6 is known for its impressive control center, but it could be improved more. Ailbreaking gives us the ability to full customize control center. There are many solutions to improve is, such as CCHide and FlipControlCenter. With the latter, we can easily switch around connectivity settings and other shortcuts. Additionally, there are pages that can help us swipe through different pages.
    5. Better Touch ID functionality: Touch ID is clearly an impressive solution and it is useful for many different purposes. Jailbreaking could unleash its potential capabilities. As an example, BioLockdown can add an extra security layer that Apple doesn’t normally allow. We won’t only be able to lock apps with our fingerprint, but it is also possible to restrict specific settings and we can enable them with only our fingers. For example, we want to disable Wi-Fi connectivity to improve security, we could lock it down with fingerprint.
    6. Improved anti-theft features: The iPhone 6 is known for its solid security solutions, but there are still some loopholes that people can use. Thieves could simply enable the Airplane Mode to render the phone locator feature useless. This could prevent owners to locate their stolen or lost phones. There are many other alternatives, but some could only be installed on jailbroken iPhone. iCaughtU is a more improved solution that the standard Find My iPhone. iCaughtU is an anti-theft locator solution, but it takes the feature to a new level. There are multiple security measures that we can implement. As an example, when thieves enter the wrong passcode, the front-facing camera will secretly be activated and send the photo of the thief to the owner’s email, which can be forwarded to the law enforcement agency. It will also enable the mapping and GPS features on the background. The phone will be locked and the phone can’t be turned off, so thieves will not be able to cover their tracks.
    7. Adjustable UI elements: iOS 8 offers impressive user interface, but we can tweak things properly by using specific apps. Springtomize is a useful app for jailbroken iPhone and it comes with a heap of customization option, such as changing fonts, creating nested folders and others.
    8. Useful shortcuts: Jailbroken iPhone 6 can be easier to use, because there are many solutions that allow us to create useful shortcuts. One of the more capable apps is Activator. It is possible to create virtually any kind of shortcut with the app, such as enabling the LED flash by triple-clicking the fingerprint scanner. We could also disable and enable Siri by holding down the Home button. There are many possibilities we could get and we could customize shortcuts depending on our preferences.
    9. Better apps controls: It is clear that we could customize and adjust all sorts of things on jailbroken iPhone 6. It is also possible to improve our experience with standard third-party apps. There are tweaks that allow us to fix and improve annoyances inside common 3rd party apps. Flex 2 is a capable jailbreak app that allows us to enable many different tweaks. It is even possible to create our own tweaks with this app. By default, the Dropbox app prevents us from proceeding with file uploads if the battery level is under ten percent. Flex 2 could provide a useful solution and bend the app to our will. It is actually quite impressive to know that third-party apps can behave differently after we install the Flex 2.
  2. Shock

    Shock Pro

    Jailbreaking is really easy and I think everyone who owns an iPhone should do it once their warranty expires. You can get tons of free apps and other tools you don't get normally.
  3. Livid

    Livid Pro

    I currently have a jailbroke iPhone 5 and it's really nice. It practically makes it into an Android that doesn't lag (excuse the sneak-diss).
  4. I mean that sounds great because you can do a ton of things, but it's also not that great to jailbreak your phone. When you do that then you are making your phone more susceptible to a virus because you let the walls the Apple phones have down. Right now Apple is basically able to say that you will not get a virus with an iPhone. This being said, you might be able to get one after jailbreaking your phone. Now before anyone tries to argue with me, I've been on many forums which have had people also agree with what I have to say. It's not good for the iPhone to be jailbroken. If Apple wanted you to be able to have those features then you wouldn't hear of people saying that their iPhones crashed because of it being jailbroken. I have heard many stories from people who have jailbroken theirs and had their phone die. Those phones might have died because they were using the wrong system for all I know. I think that some people just get lucky when it comes to jailbreaking their phones. If you jailbreak it once then I'm sure that your phone will be fine, but the more that you do it the larger chance you have at it dying.

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