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Play Station-Yellow Light of Death (Causes and Repair)

Discussion in 'PS4' started by Jeff, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. Jeff

    Jeff Member

    Play Station-Yellow Light of Death (Causes and Repair)


    Most often and common cause of yellow light of death (ps3 ylod) is because of the cheap paste that Sony used in ps3 RSX and CPU chips. Another reason could be the broken power supply or it could also be that the motherboard has fused or malfunctioned. Overheating can also cause ylod.

    Consequences and Solutions:

    Because of ylod your ps3 can face overheating, ejection problem with dreaded green, yellow and flashing red system light sequence with your disc stuck. Solutions to ylod would require you to use the flux first time, this will make the fix permanent but you should use a ‘no-clean flux’. Heat one side of the GPU, CPU and the mother board as the circuits are present on only one side. For heating crank up the heat gun to about 800 F till about a good 30 seconds.

    This is the major fix you can carry out on your ps3, however, problems such as breaking of power supply needs a replacement, and you can find it easily on eBay for around 25 pounds or something like that. As for the cheap paste used by Sony, it is advisable to go ahead and apply paste of your preference by first removing the previous paste by scrubbing it off with some Isopropyl alcohol and apply either shin-etsu thermal paste or arctic silver 5. After that just screw it up together and the problem solved! There’s not much you can do about the motherboard being fried.


    Even after ps3 ylod I won’t blame Sony for this! Well, should I? I don’t think I should because you can buy any other device like a laptop or anything which doesn’t have such usage as ps3 however its mother board may also collapse even a year before your ps3 does. I hope you would have liked this article and it may have helped you in one way or another
  2. Joker

    Joker Well-Known Member

    Thanks for notifying! :)
  3. Dr4gonCl5ws

    Dr4gonCl5ws Well-Known Member

    Thanks man! A friend of mine was having trouble with this earlier. I'll send him this link and hopefully it'll fix his problem. Cheers!

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