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PS4 vs PS3

Discussion in 'PS4' started by meltair, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. meltair

    meltair Active Member

    Is there any reason for me to get rid of my PS3 and buy a PS4 yet? I'd like to hear from people that have had both and maybe a list of pros and cons. I know that I won't be able to play my games on the new machine and that's a big drawback.
  2. Shock

    Shock Pro

    I wouldn't get rid of your PS3 unless you don't really use it anymore. I have both and the PS4 is awesome. Really, really fast loading times, good graphics, fast network connectivity. Only drawback is having to pay for online (50 bucks a year).
  3. Livid

    Livid Pro

    I have both consoles and enjoy them both about equally. When it comes to games like Call of Duty, so far Ghosts and Advance Warfare haven't been up to par. But for the most part, like I said earlier, equal quality just depends on what kind of games you prefer.
  4. user123

    user123 Member

    I think, as long as you can still find games for the PS3, you should keep it. I don't know about you, but I have friends who still have the PS3, we often exchange games with one another, so I will definitely not get rid of it anytime soon.
  5. Shock

    Shock Pro

    Of course. As long as the thing runs and you have games you like playing on it, there's zero point in selling it for like a hundred bucks or less.
  6. thavented

    thavented Active Member

    I'm probably going to get a PS4 soon just because I want one. I have my PS3 and still use and love it so I don't see myself getting rid of it anytime soon. As old as the PS3 is it's still a very capable machine. You can get super awesome deals on games for it too.
  7. Trent

    Trent Active Member

    There is no way to compare the two because the PS4 just came out and new consoles never show their true power until they are at least 2 years in.
  8. mirso

    mirso Member

    PS4 is more better than PS3 because grapich is much better and it's faster than PS3.
  9. ronda

    ronda Active Member

    Mirso, that sounds like a fanboy thing to say. The PS4 has not proven to have any better looking games than the best PS3 games so far.
  10. May

    May Active Member

    I have a PS4 and so far even now at the fourth instalment, the antialiasing is very crappy. Great graphics without a doubt, but still working it's way to a serious difference.
  11. Alchemist

    Alchemist Member

    I definitely wouldn't get rid of your PS3. I probably play my PS3 more than my PS4.

    There's so many great games I haven't played yet, it's easy to find some decent games for cheap prices these days.
  12. Zaiva

    Zaiva Member

    There's not a lot that's stood out for me on the PS4 to justify the price I paid when it was released.

    There's great games for both, but I still prefer the library on the PS3.

    It's definitely the best console to buy in my opinion.

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