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Discussion in 'Digital Opinions Support & Feedback' started by David, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. David

    David Active Member

    Hi there, i'm impressed by the website and like it a lot, but I do have some suggestions staff could perhaps take a look at.


    - Add a chatbox so users can smalltalk easier

    - Add ranks per posts (Cool userranks like "Newbie - 10 posts", "Member - 20 posts", "Loyal Member - 50 posts", "Veteran - 100 posts", "Forum Guru - 200 posts", "Forum Legend - 250 posts" and "Forum Master - 10 posts 300+". These are just an example. But I do believe it would inspire people to post more, especially when combined with giveaway suggestion

    - Add more topics that we can post on, you can never have enough! As activity grows, simply add a few once in a while so we have new things to talk about. Example: Software (talk about and share usefull programs).


    - More staff activity would make us more aware of the foundation of this website and motivates us to partake into activity more. Who is the website owner? Who are our moderators? Is there a Graphics artist? Etc. You could make a tab where we can see the "Website Staff" members.

    - Contests & Giveaways would motivate us to post more. Examples for this are contests and giveaways. Why not give away some cheap steam games once in a while. You could make a quiz, or a contest out of it to add competitivity to the mix.
    And for some games, you could make post requirements (EG: only members with 50 or more posts can enter this contest).
  2. Sean

    Sean Member

    Very usefull and rare suggestions. These suggestions should be implemented into the forum. It'll rock up the community for sure.
  3. Silent

    Silent Member

    what i think is that the admins need to develop this forum from its roots. Its look is pretty much old typo. Having a new fourm software would make it easier. such as SMF or phpBB or Alkarte. However, the suggestion above is worth it.

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