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Ten Hints and Tips on Winning Candy Crush

Discussion in 'Other' started by Lisa, Mar 7, 2015.

  1. Lisa

    Lisa Member

    Ten Hints and Tips on Winning Candy Crush

    Many people love playing Candy Crush Saga, but it can get really annoying when you get stuck on a level and just do not know what to do to win it. It can make some people want to give up playing the game, even though they really want to move on from this level and see the later ones. Therefore below is a selection of tips which should help.
    1. Watch videos – many people record themselves playing the various levels and post them online. This means that you should be able to view a video of someone playing the level and this will help you to see how it is done. Often knowing that someone else has managed to solve it, can be a big boost.
    2. Look at websites – there are some websites that have hints and tips on how to solve specific candy crush levels. You may think that they will not be that helpful, but it surprising how they can help you to formulate a good strategy if you take on everything that is there. Some have comments sections which can be helpful as well.
    3. Make special candies – often levels are made a lot easier by making special candies such as color bombs, wrapped sweets and striped candies. Think about the level you are doing and which of these could be the most useful for you and try to make them. You may have some from the daily booster wheel that you could use.
    4. Use special candies carefully – it can be tempting to use a special candy as soon as you have made it. However, think hard as to whether it might be worth saving it to later in the game where you might make better use of it.
    5. Buy your way out – if you are happy to pay then you could buy extra items that could help you. Bomb coolers can get you extra time if exploding bombs are the problem, lollipop hammers can also be useful for destroying bombs or blockers and special candies can be good too. Think about what you will need to help you to win so that you buy the right items.
    6. Play something else for a while – sometimes leaving a game for a bit and then coming back to it can help you to be more successful. Having the rest can really help as can giving your brain time to figure out what to do.
    7. Ask your friends – you probably have Facebook friends that also play Candy Crush Saga. If they have already completed the level then they might be able to give you some tips on how they did it.
    8. Do not panic – it can be easy on some levels when chocolate is growing quickly or bombs are counting down to panic. It is wise to remember that the levels are not normally timed and so there is no rush. It can be valuable to take the game slowly and think hard about each move and the consequences of it before doing it. This may take the fun out it for some people, but should help you to complete the level more easily.
    9. Enjoy it – it can be easy to get annoyed with a level that you cannot win. However, try to enjoy the challenge and remember that if they were all really easy you would get bored quickly and you would finish all the levels and then have nothing left to play.
    10. Try the Odus levels – if you have got far enough through the levels you will have the option to play the Odus levels. These tend to be very much harder and so once you have done a few of these, the level you are stuck on may not seem so bad after all (unless it is an Odus level of course!)
  2. Digital Freak

    Digital Freak Member

    This game pisses me off so hard LMAO Thank you for the tips tho!
  3. bilalamjad48

    bilalamjad48 Active Member

    Thank you for your tips. i love Candy Crash. Most beautiful and most famous game of the world.
  4. angie828

    angie828 Member

    These are some great tips. I do not play with Candy Crush but my older sister does and she is pretty much addicted to it. I have tried to play it but just can not get into it.

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