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The Benefits of the Binary Option

Discussion in 'On My Mind' started by sasi55, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. sasi55

    sasi55 Member

    Since a byte can hold 256 different representations, ASCII and a one-byte-per-character system worked just fine for Americans, using 1/2 less than space available in a single byte.But it didn't work for the Japanese, Chinese, and a number of cultures around the globe. Depending on the source, the idiomatic Chinese language can have upwards of 80,000 distinct characters. Using basic binary math, we see that instead of one byte for every character, Chinese computers would need to Gemini 2 Review use upwards of three bytes. Add other languages and regional variations, and you had a mess. So different computer manufacturers, standards organizations, and government agencies went forward to solve this problem.In the rush to support all possible character sets, several different systems for codifying characters came into existence. This of course meant that if you created software on one operating system, it likely would not run on another.

    This made exporting software an absurd business since basic functions - like sorting strings of characters - would have to change from system to system and language to language.But time and market dynamics have helped reduce this hodge-podge of character sets to a manageable few, with some obvious choices. Here we document those that really matter.As noted, ASCII is the primordial character set. It serves all English speaking countries, and with common extensions in the extra storage provided in one byte of data, even local variations (such as the British Pound symbol - £ - or common European characters - ö) can be accommodated. By using the spare either bit, ASCII was extended to include characters for other languages such as Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek, Hebrew. If your product will never be sold outside of the US and Western Europe, then ASCII may be sufficient. Just remember, never is a long, long time.


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