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Using own or supplied landing pages?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Valos, May 6, 2015.

  1. Valos

    Valos Well-Known Member

    I have heard many opinions both for and against using own, selfmade landing pages (where allowed) and wanted to know what do you guys think about this?

    Many CPA advertisers allow custom landing pages to be used, despite offering some opntions that you may use free of charge to start advertising right away without any need to initial, upfront investment. But also many people say that it's a good idea to purchase a custom landing page for increased conversion rate. Such pages usually gor for around $100.

    Do you feel it's a good idea to invest this money, or just go with what you're supplied for free?
  2. somebody1982

    somebody1982 Active Member

    In the last few years the affiliate marketing most new affiliate marketers resort to swiping landing pages rather than building their own. I don’t condone this but, I understand it. The costs of tracking, servers, spy tools and traffic are high so, if you can save a little money by stealing other landing pages then do what you have to do.

    Me personally, I like to get my own landing pages designed. I do at times use other peoples designs as inspiration however, I never copy designs outright and I always try to make something better or unique.

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