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What do you use a tablet for?

Discussion in 'Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones' started by 4our, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. 4our

    4our Member

    I'm curious, does anyone here actually use a tablet for something useful? Like work?
    I don't own one and I don't think I ever will... I have my PC, my laptop, my smartphone and my eBook reader (which isn't a tablet, I can only read books on it, it's the old Kindle model).
    So, back the the question, what's a tablet useful for and why should I get one if I have all of the above?
  2. muamer

    muamer Member

    I use tablet for watching films,videos,music and for my journey.
  3. Valos

    Valos Well-Known Member

    Tablets are great when tarveling as they're so lightweight and offer you more or less the same experience that you can get with a laptop when it comes to checking up stuff quickly. Personally I use my tablet to do hotel and airline ticket reservations when abroad. It's also a neat device when you want to find out e.g., bus or ferry schedules or a good restaurant nearby. Really worth its price!
  4. galaxyman

    galaxyman Member

    i use my tab only for driving directions, rest are porn,game, movies.
  5. costin84

    costin84 Member

    I use the tablet to answer back to customers, since it`s quite difficult for my eyes to answer from a smartphone, although it`s a model with a large display
    On the tablet I store the company`s documents, so I can easily find the information I need, plus the access to the cloud
  6. I don't use mine for work, but I have seen a lot of people using them for work. I've seen professors, dentists, and restaurants all use them before. I think that they are great because they are so much smaller than a laptop which is the main point of them. I think that's why so many people are buying them now, they just help to make life so much easier. I use mine to watch Netflix, surf the web, and I use it to put other apps that I don't want on my phone. It's a lot easier to take out my iPad, than my laptop which is why I got mine in the first place.
  7. christian

    christian Well-Known Member

    7-inch screen makes it great for holding in your hand and reading at a stretch. Games are a breeze with good performance. The browser needs a bit getting used to - particularly when you are comfortable with a wide-screen desktop. Apps make the tablet usage much more comfortable. Typing in portrait mode is a pleasure. Overall anything smaller (like the Note) tends to work on a tiny font whereas anything larger tends to be heavier.
  8. Alchemist

    Alchemist Member

    I mainly just use my tablet for it's portability when wanting to watch Movies on the go, or just browse the net.

    I have a Kindle Fire HD which is perfect for what I use it for.

    Using it for work is slightly awkward, as I'm more of a physical keyboard/mouse user, it just seems to work better for me over long periods of time.

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