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Why is it so hard to earn with affiliate programs?

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Gibson, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. Gibson

    Gibson Member

    Just recently, I signed up to a new affiliate program for a site that pays $1.00 for every new sign up.

    And though it's free to sign up for the customer, I am getting very few new sign ups. Why is it so hard to even give away something free online? This should be the easiest money to make.
  2. Lancer

    Lancer Active Member

    There can be two problems.
    The first one, you did not highlight the benefit of the products, the free cost to join and the effectiveness of the product.
    The second one, you don't attract the right kind of visitors to your website that have a real interrest in the product.

    Tell me if I am wrong.
  3. MagStar

    MagStar Member

    Lancer is correct, but the simpler answer that applies to almost everything online is......... there are too many people doing it. :) People will sign up on a sharing site to look at photos of their co-workers cat, or to get a 5-minute only 1% discount on designer shoes. Unless you can tap into making it seem like the sign-ups will lead them to something they see as having big value to them personally, they're just all signed-up out after a few hours online and won't bother.
  4. MaxTayler

    MaxTayler Member

    Affiliate marketing is very difficult. There are people on YouTube and all over the internet that says it’s easy. It isn’t. It takes a lot of work and experience. I’ve tried many times and failed.
  5. mitashi

    mitashi Member

    same here. a lot of time hard work and persistence required to be successful.
    i have not much patience to stick with one project. affiliate programes are not bad but many of us do not know the proper methods to drive traffic to our affiliate links, which counts a lot.
  6. Shock

    Shock Pro

    You gotta have a good following in order to make money off Affiliate Marketing. Too much competition to just jump right in and expect results.
  7. faidn

    faidn Active Member

    You have to look at it from a customer perspective. In their mind, they're thinking who is this guy and why is he giving this away free? Must be junk. What's his angle? You have to build up trust and a reputation with people. You have to introduce yourself and say I have this great product and this is why you need it. Tell them you use it and why it's great. If you don't use it, tell them so and so uses it and this is what he had to say. You can't just slap a link or a banner up and expect people to just click on it. You could back in 1998 when I first got into it. Now you have to build a whole website around a product and show value.

    I've been in affiliate marketing for 17 years and I'm still learning new techniques every day. Do the research. Just google: How to succeed at affiliate marketing. You'll probably get over a million pages telling you what to do. But it's a start.
  8. Mimi

    Mimi Member

    ^ I agree with the above.
    Why would I sign up for something just so you can earn $1? Think about it :) Make your offer more interesting, change your approach, see what works!
  9. LilyJane

    LilyJane Member

    it is hard because you are essentially trying to convince REAL PEOPLE to part with their hard earned money? how much convincing does it take for you to buy something you see on a webpage ? you're not just gonna take someones word for it that a product is good just because you've read it once online are you? you essentially need to tell people why they NEED the product, in a way that isn't intrusive and it must appear wise and like you know what you are talking about...
  10. Anjii

    Anjii Pro

    I have bought digital products from a sales page after careful consideration on 2 topics -

    - health issues I was having at the time
    - business I was in and wanted advice/help/tips

    I felt like I NEEDED both, that my life would depend on it.
  11. May

    May Active Member

    It's hard because you need a lot of traffic and the conversion ratio is about 300 for 1 in most popular niches, so that gives you an idea of the amlunt of traffic you need to generate. This is also considering that those 300 vsits are targeted to your niche.
  12. Ken

    Ken Active Member

    While usually more lucrative on a conversion basis, affiliate marketing is more difficult than monetizing via PPC ads such as Adsense. Besides just clicking you need a human being to do something. Whether its add a Email address, zip code submit or buy something. Like May above mentions you need a lot of traffic for your conversions to start coming in.
  13. galaxyman

    galaxyman Member

    its all about approach, if buy a housewife to buy your tech related product you will get a zero, understand your niche and then put your efforts.
  14. Gurpreet Saluja

    Gurpreet Saluja Active Member

    because..you need to do a lot of hard work and have patience...but you can bypass this if you have some smart work and strategy for it.
  15. Lancer

    Lancer Active Member

    It is true!
    When you want to buy something online, you give it a deep look before taking actions. Your readers do the same thing. They are not willing to spend money when your writing don't make you confident.

    I try to refer people to trial products where they can test it free and buy if they like the product. It works better than recommending people to buy to see if they like.

    If you have tried the product, take time to make a video while you're using it to highlight the benefits.
  16. JohnRipper

    JohnRipper Member

    To earn with affiliate marketing you need 2 things.
    1. Traffic.
    Traffic is a huge factor. People who earn with affiliate marketing have this . They may own social media accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers or maybe they do SEO and have a page ranked for a keyword on page 1 of google. The more people who see it the more people who are likely to use the service or product you are advertising.
    2. Quality.
    People need a reason to join. They need to be convinced. Create articles and advertise in many different areas. Forums, websites, social media, ect. Don't be afraid to hype it up.
  17. Well, the first problem that can arise is that the people on your site/blog don't want to buy stuff. I know when I go onto a blog I'm not thinking about buying something. And most of the time you're page isn't selling the cheapest product you can find. Say you're selling a printer, I would rather look around and then see if I can find something else that's cheaper than what's on your page. Which is one problem that I think many people have. Another is that you won't be making much money because the person you're working for also wants part of the money. If you're not selling something that is expensive then you won't be able to make a good amount. If you're selling something that is a dollar, you will only make a couple cents from that. You want to make sure that you're selling something that is expensive and that people are going to want to buy.
  18. sana afreen

    sana afreen Member

    In affiliate programs, you have to work hard, other wise there is no fruit for you, and trust me it's not easy, am also an affiliate marketer but I have not been successful in explaining the program , although it's free of cost and all the tools for study and learning are provided, that too free of cost but still people don't give it much importance.
  19. TehGeekGrl

    TehGeekGrl Well-Known Member

    It's about having the right people on your list - be it mailing list or social media.
  20. sana afreen

    sana afreen Member

    Thanks for reply, I don't have a clear idea of what to do on digital opinion, can you please help me out????:)

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