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Xenforo Theme?

Discussion in 'Digital Opinions Support & Feedback' started by Chrisk, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Chrisk

    Chrisk Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to suggest maybe in the future getting a Xenforo theme? Though, I feel the default look is fine, but it would add more life and personality to the forum if it had a theme. This is just a suggestion and not everyone prefers a custom or a free forum theme.

    On another note, I feel this particular forum loads VERY fast, another thing I love about Xenforo and you must have one heck of a web host!

    Keep up the wonderful work, can't wait to see the future of Digital Opinion.
  2. Asadullah

    Asadullah Member

    indeed a good idea. new themes would bring new changes. Once a little change is done, it forces us to do more changes.. Take a step ahead and work on the site.!
  3. Silent

    Silent Member

    I don't know which theme it is but as you have suggested then it must be good. But this forum requires a new theme and some new plugins also. and yes, this forum is faster.

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